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An Application for Divorced Couples. Why?

15,500 couples get divorced every single year and thousands more conduct co-parenting agreements, which without proper communication, results in confusion, tension, and worsened relationships.

The good news is that we have the solution for all your custody challenges: Familist! A facilitative communication tool determined to create your optimal shared parenting life.


With Familist, you can manage all your children-related matters fom a single app in real time, meaning more energy focused on your children.

In fact, you may have already forgotten the days where all your energy drained away over constant arguments and bickering.


Let us set the groundwork for you and map out a future of positive and conflict-free co-parenting.


Creating a Convenient Life for Separated and Divorced Couples with Familist

-Resolve Children

Related Issues

Transparent & Argument Free -  Review, follow and update all expenses, holidays, special events and tasks.

Manage all Tasks Without the Need

for Direct Communication

A real-time notification system will notify the other party of any updates or changes.

A Clear Visitation Calendar

Update all holidays, vacations, special events and even request 

changes for visitation days on a shared co-parenting calendar.

No Unexpected Expenses

Simply scan invoices and balance all debts per divorce settlement agreement. 

Organize Your Life with Familist 


How Does It Work? 




the Familist application from your app. store.




all settings according to the divorce settlement agreement.
You can share this with the co-parent.

2. מעדכנים

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all expenses, changes, reminders, events, holidays in a simple and easy manner 


Organize your life with Familist

  • Expenses – What have I already paid for?

  • Scan invoices per divorce settlement agreement

  • Real-time expense balance between co-parents

  • Expense and payment history & archive

  • Simple & easy update of expense list

What's the children's status?

  • Real-time regular updates of the children

  • Message notes

  • Automatic payment and event reminder

  • Control over messages and updates

Are the children with me today?

  • A transparent co-parenting calendar per divorce settlement agreement

  • Accurate division and sharing of holidays

  • Request visitation schedule changes with a click

  • Automatic reminders of children related events

Familist is Right for:

Parents who communicate daily – Familist serves as an effective and friendly tool for all tasks and daily coordination.

Parents who prefer minimal contact – Familist is the ultimate alternative for direct phone calls without having the kids to pay the price. 

A co-parent in need of organization – Familist serves as an organizational for all expenses, reminders and schedules.


“I found just one application in Israel to manage my divorce. Life is so much easier now, the application is pleasant, intuitive, thoroughly thought through and easy to use. I highly recommend it!! Thank you!” 

Yuval, 35, Tel Aviv

“The feature of an automatic expenditures calculator is great. Now I don’t have to work for both of us. Furthermore, it’s great that we have a formal and clear communication as oppose to a personal one on WhatsApp”

Adam, 41, Tel Aviv

“It’s easier for me to manage all mutual children related expenditures. The calendar feature where we have our parenting plan laid out makes life so much easier, especially in our case where we have a complicated schedule”

Keren, 39, Caesarea

So, what do parents think about Familist?

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Anat Eshed Glazer - Accountant

Founder, CFO

Owner of "Anat Eshed Glazer" Accounting Firm

"Divorced couples continue to lead shared bookkeeping and expenses long after they have stopped sharing a home. Familist enables them to conduct a financial balance while raising the children in a healthy manner that is right for all".

The Familist Team

Millie Indig – Lawyer

Founder, CEO

L.L.B and Business Management

"After hundreds of hours sitting with my customer trying to organize the chaos in issues related to the children of co-parents, I decided to take the initiative and develop an application that will settle everything automatically. This will make the life of co-parents and children easier".

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Yonathan Kanir – Lawyer

 Founder, Professional adviser

Owner of Kanir Law Office specializing in Family Law

"Welcome to the revolution – a new world, simple, efficient with a dramatic change in the quality of life for co-parents who are mutually raising their children. Sparing thousands of stress hours, arguments and saving tens of thousands of dollars in litigation and courts".


Libat Apolet



Apan Amos Damri

Marketing adviser


Tomer Ben-Dor

Technology adviser 


Keren Kanir

Founder, COO


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